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Including Divorce/Separation, Custody/Modification of Custody, Parenting Time/Modification of ParentingTime, Child Support/Modification of Child Support, Termination of Parental Rights, Prenuptial Agreements, Grandparents Custody or Visitation Rights, and Adoption.

Cardinal Law has built a reputation for practicing strong, fair, and ethical family law. When contemplating changes in your family life, whether through marriage, divorce, separation, adoption, or modification of existing custody arrangements, you can trust the guidance of Cardinal Law.


Considering marriage? Congratulations! If you have been married before, or even if this is your first marriage, you might want to consider a premarital, or prenuptial, agreement. Marriage law is like business partnership law. Having a prenuptial agreement can permit you and your future spouse to discuss some very unromantic subjects, like control of money and ownership of assets. Such a discussion and agreement may help you avoid some common pitfalls in marriage, and may form the basis for lasting trust between you and your future spouse. If you would like to discuss a prenuptial agreement, be sure you do so well in advance of the date of your wedding. Cardinal Law can help facilitate your discussion, as well as draft the agreement.


Custody of children is a common concern during divorce and separation. Arizona courts attempt to assist parents in achieving peaceful resolution of custody concerns through free mediation provided by the Court of Conciliation. If you are considering separation or divorce, and are concerned about the effect the decision will have on your children, you can ask the superior court to schedule a mediation session for you and your spouse. If you are unable to workout a parenting/custody plan with your spouse, you may want to consider obtaining legal assistance. Cardinal Law will keep the best interests of your children at the forefront of custody litigation, through multidisciplinary study of childhood development and the effects of divorce on children, reliance on qualified experts in the area of custody and visitation, and with determined and disciplined advocacy in the courtroom.

Divorce/Legal Separation:

The dissolution of a marriage, or the creation of a legal separation in a marriage, requires the fair and careful distribution of  assets and debts accumulated during the marriage. There may be a need for an award of spousal maintenance, and if there are still minor children to be cared for, child support must be calculated. Retirement benefits must be valued and processed, and debts must be settled. Family businesses must be protected, and the value of the business fairly assessed and distributed. The Cardinal Law and staff have extensive experience handling short and long term marriages, and are equipped to handle the most complex of divorces. To ensure that your rights are protected, you may look to this firm for effective legal representation.

Adoption/Dependency of Children:

Cardinal Law can assist you with the adoption of children, or with the placement of children you believe to be at risk.