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Litigation is expensive and time consuming. Schedule a consultation to determine the most effective legal course to take.

Contact us by telephone for a consultation at (520)452-1002.  When requesting a consult, Confidential information must not be transmitted. Conflict checks must be done prior to appointments or submission of any information in order to assure all parties interests are fully protected.

We have over 30 years experience in various practice areas.

As a rural attorney, Laura Cardinal has dealt with all manner of legal issues in her 30 year career. Litigation is not always the best solution. Her focus is Family Law, but will advise and refer you to a specialist should that be the most productive course for you to take. Whether consultation or client, your interest becomes our concern.

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Family Law

Divorce, Marriage, Pre-Nuptials, Separation, and all of the other matters that relate to these and many other domestic relation associated areas. We focus on all things family. We strive to protect your interests.

Child Custody and Modification

We place particular focus on the interests of children. They are the most vulnerable and in need of considered, fair, and reasonable treatment to protect their future.

Estate Planning

The importance of Powers of Attorney, both medical and financial, deeds, and other critical documents such as a Last Will and Testament should not be overlooked. These documents are crucial to clarify your wishes when you may be unable to. At Cardinal Law, we will make this difficult process clear, specific, and as easy as possible while representing your best interests.

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